Offer! Chicago to Manila and Ho Chi Minh City

Chicago O’Hare to Manila and Ho Chi Minh, Only 422 EUR ($477) Return, in August and Many Other Months

Time to pack your bags! We’ve just discovered a marvelous deal from Chicago O’Hare airport to Manila and then to Ho Chi Min city in Vietnam, with many flights leaving leaving in August and September and returning in September, October and November at the price of just 422 EUR ($477).

Philippines is formed out of thousands of islands. Even though it is prone to huge, torrential rains, the beaches and the mountains make it so difficult to be irritated. The Ifugao Rice Terraces remind one of the Inca temples, bringing the visitor a sense of timelessness, as well as awe. Many other destinations in this country do the same.

Ho Chi Minh, it is considered as the most modern city in Vietnam. It is a town that is visually stunning that has it all. You can get the cheapest to the most expensive hotels, restaurants, and shops in Ho Chi Minh. Besides the skyscrapers, the city also contains usual flats that make the city more nuanced.


Chicago O’Hare Airport > Manila Ninoy Aquino, 29th of August, operated by ALL NIPON AIRWAYS

Manila Ninoy Aquino > Ho Chi Min City, 5th of September, Operated by CEBU PACIFIC

Ho Chi Min City > Chicago O’Hare Airport, 10th of September, operated by ALL NIPON AIRWAYS

Flight Deal from Chicago O'Hare to Manila, Philiphines

Flight deal from Manila to Ho Chi Min City

TOTAL: 422 EUR/$477

Cheapest departure months from Chicago O’Hare to Manila – August and September, CHECK HERE

Cheapest flights from Manila to Ho Chi Min City – CHECK HERE

Cheapest return months from Manila to Chicago O’Hare – September, October and November, CHECK HERE


In Manile we recommend 4-star Ramada Manila Central Hotel, for the price of just $48 per night. The hotel is close to all central landmarks, and has excellent reviews (8.1 out of 744 reviews). You can book this hotel HERE.

Hotel Deal Center of Manila Philiphines, 4-star Hotel


For only $29 per night, you can accommodate yourself in the beautiful “The Nguyens Cafe” hotel, which is only a 10-15 minutes walk away from the most important buildings in Ho Chi Minh. The rooms are very clean and you will be welcomed by very friendly staff members. You can book this hotel HERE.

Center of Ho Chi Minh City Hotel Deal


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